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Billing & Insurance

Most insurance providers cover NorthStar Day Treatment under transitional or partial hospital benefits. NorthStar Day Treatment has HMO contracts with Dean, Unity, Physicians Plus and Group Health.

NorthStar Day Treatment Program for Adolescents accepts:

  • The Alliance

  • Community Partnerships

  • Dean Care HMO

  • Badgercare/Dean

  • Most commercial and private insurance

  • Group Health Cooperative HMO(Prior approval needed)

  • Badgercare/GHC (Prior approval needed)

  • Medical Assistance/Badgercare

  • Physicians Plus HMO (Prior Approval Needed through UW Behavioral Health)

  • Badgercare/P+(Prior approval needed through Journey Mental Health Center)

  • Unity HMO(Prior approval needed through UW Behavioral Health)

  • Badgercare/Unity (Prior approval needed through Journey Mental Health Center)

  • WPS

  • WEA

  • Self pay


NorthStar Outpatient Mental Health accepts:

  • Most commercial/private health insurance

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  • WEA 

  • Physicians Plus 

  • Unity

  • WPS

  • The Alliance 

  • Dean with Prior Authorization ( Dr. Pierce MD SUBOXONE PROGRAM ONLY)

  • Medical Assistance/Badgercare (NO HMO'S ATTACHED)   Stacy Knoll LPC  ONLY